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Animism In Modern Africa

Does Animism have a place in modern day Africa?

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A childhood spent in a traditional Romanian village - Community Contribution

The village of my grandparents is located in the north of Romania, in the gorgeous historical county called Maramures.

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Kappa: A Japanese Myth

The Kappa, otherwise known as the kawatarō, komahiki, or kawako is one of the yōkai (demons) of Japanese mythology.

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Religious History of Mongolia

Tengrism originated with from the huns but lost it’s vibrance within the hun community when the Uyghur Khaganate’s proclaimed Manichaeism as their sovereign religion.

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The Jataka Tales of the Buddha | Part 1

While the Buddha was staying at Jetavana Monastery near Savatthi, the wealthy banker, Anathapindika, went one day to pay his respects. His servants carried masses of flowers, perfume, butter, oil, honey, molasses, cloths, and robes.

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The Jataka Tales of the Buddha | Part 2

This story was told by the Buddha while at Jetavana Monastery, about a tremendously rich royal treasurer, who lived in a town called Sakkara near the city of Rajagaha.

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