We hooked up with Dan Rosandich from Dan’s Cartoons to kick off our community artwork section.

Cartoonist / Humorous Illustrator Dan Rosandich has spent well over 40+ years as a professional “scribbler”. Dan never paid much attention to the old adage “do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life” (he tells Culture Exchange he was too busy). I now take that phraseology very serious because if I retired, I’d have to leave what I love doing behind! That ain’t happening! I plan to draw as long as the good Lord let’s me. I’m currently working on a custom comic strip for an air force retiree and created another custom comic strip for an IT consultant out in California who is using it on her business site.

“She wants to collaborate on more of them to use in other ways”, says Rosandich. Dan has cartoons licensed in many books (well over 40!) and his cartoons have been published in Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping and National Lampoon. Rosandich has future plans to publish his own catalog of cartoons and portfolio samples to distribute nationally.

If people have projects they need cartoons created for, Dan classifies himself as a “mercenary cartoonist” . . . a pen for hire, of sorts. He can be reached 24/7 at the email address or contact form on his Dan’s Cartoons site!

Check out some of his artwork below!