Dan Morris is the artist behind the brand Dan Morris Design, a company setup to license Dan Morris’s artwork to display on retail products such as patches, key-chains, enamel pins, tapestries and other products.

I regret to say that I have been a fan of his artwork for years, as is he a somewhat talented artist, with much of his artwork having a sort of ‘hippie’ element to it, such as flowers, peace-signs, and similar depictions.

I eventually came across some of his licensed products through a legitimate wholesaler who Dan Morris has worked with for many years to produce and sell products with his artwork on them, so I decided to purchase some of those products and put them up for sale on my various e-commerce platforms.

So What Happened?

Unfortunately, Dan Morris himself ended up sending me a very rude message demanding that I provide him with my full legal name and wholesale account number or he would file false IP complaints against my account, which of course, would likely result in me losing my business and corresponding income even though I did nothing wrong and have no direct business relationship with him, as I purchased these products through a company who legally licenses his images to display on their products.

He didn’t even say “hello” or introduce himself, he just went straight into threats, demands, and ultimatums.

He has absolutely no legal right to strong-arm me into giving up my personal information via threats to my business.

He did not give me any other options, such as asking me to contact the wholesaler for more information about his demands or anything like that at all. He simply said that if I didn’t supply him with my full legal name and account number that he would be filing IP claims against me.

Under no circumstance should I ever have to provide my full legal name and wholesale account information to somebody who I have never met, spoke with, nor done business with, since he is simply an artist who licenses his artwork to other companies, and he is not the manufacturer or wholesaler of the actual products themselves.

In any normal world, Artist Dan Morris would be thanking me profusely for purchasing and selling his legitimate products and making him money through his distribution channels, but instead, Dan Morris himself proceeded to send me threatening messages, demands, and ultimatums, strong-arming me into giving up my personal information to him with no recourse at all.

Why Would Dan Morris Do This?

Dan Morris sells his products direct to consumers on the same platform he threatened my business on, so I believe that he harasses innocent sellers in an attempt to protect his company’s bottom-line.

It’s a shame, as I was a fan of his artwork for years, even before I sold his products, but now I think he’s a greedy person who tries to shutdown competition.

He also admitted to me that he targeted my store based upon my store’s name, and since that store name involves the major city of a certain country, I believe Dan Morris is likely either xenophobic or racist, in addition to being a greedy jerk who harasses legitimate sellers of products displaying his licensed artwork. Just because somebody’s store name involves a foreign city does not mean that they are selling fake products.

Not cool, Dan Morris, not cool.

What Artist Dan Morris Could Do Better in the Future

  • It’s very obvious that if Dan Morris reaches out to somebody, especially somebody who isn’t even a direct customer of his, then he should start the message with a greeting, such as “hi” or “hello”.
  • He absolutely should of been friendlier.
  • Dan Morris could have simply asked where I sourced the products, or for whatever information he wanted, without threatening me in the very first message, and without having a single shred of evidence against me.
  • Instead of sending me business threats, Dan Morris should of thanked me for being a legitimate seller of products containing his licensed artwork, as I’ve sold his products for quite a while now, and I have probably made him a fair bit of money.
  • Truth be told, every single message Dan Morris sent me contained nonsense and came across as hostile. One of his messages even came across in a very mocking manner, even as he tried to downplay the situation, so it’s very apparent that his customer service needs improvement.
  • Dan Morris admitted to me that he made an assumption based upon my store name which is a very strange to do, and being as how the store name involves the name of the major city in a specific country, I will say that he shouldn’t be so judgemental towards other cultures, as it makes him appear to be xenophobic, or even racist. Just because somebody’s store name involves a foreign city doesn’t mean that they are selling fake products.
  • He could have purchased the product and checked for himself whether the product was authentic, but he didn’t bother to do that.

Of course, I immediately removed his products and informed him that he lost a legitimate vendor who sold authentic, licensed products displaying his artwork.

You not only lost a customer, Dan Morris, you lost a fan.