The Buddha tapestry is widely used because it is believed to arouse all kinds of feelings that are sacred. It also creates a holy and soft ambience in the room where ever it is placed. It is popularly used to decorate and add beauty to the worship and meditation rooms. You will love this Buddha tapestry that has been printed with the use of seven different color processes on a fabric that is top in quality. This is convenient for use as a tapestry anywhere in the room because of the pocket fold at the top. All you have to do is simply insert the rod or pole that you have chosen and hand it on the wall. The pole is not included in the item and needs to be purchased separately.

The beautiful and enlightened figure of the Buddha Lord is printed in the center of the tapestry with the circle of enlightenment around the head. The entire stature is also surrounded in a circle by using beautiful petals of the lotus flower. The touch of the lotus petals in the Buddha tapestry actually gives a touch of the ethnic to the space in your room. The product is top quality material and is durable for many uses. You can use it as a small curtain, mat for a bench, hanging on the wall, cover for furniture, etc.