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Glitter, Glitter Everywhere | Community Poetry

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

By: Joe Joynson

Glitter glitter everywhere, it’s on the porch and in the chair.

Though steps are taken it not get far, it’s under the fridge and in the car.

It’s on the floor and down the hall, it’s on pictures and stuck to the wall.

I never know next where it will show up, like on the TV or in a cup,

or on my face or in my hair

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Glitter follows my little girls you see, no matter where they’ve been or be.

It seems they shed glitter like dogs their hair

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Try as I may to clean it all up, pick the ones off my face and wash out the cup,

while sweeping the carpet and out the car, I know my lovely young ladies aren’t very far.

For wherever they go it seems without fail, they leave a shining, sparkling trail.

One day my cleaning of glitter all done, a task that completing wasn’t really that fun.

It means my girls are grown up and gone, the day after brings an unwelcome dawn.

But wait.. what’s that I see, my little girl all grown up but running to me,

a lovely little girl fair, shiny sparkles in hair, leaving a trail of wonderful glitter, everywhere.

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Joe Joynson
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