Green Tree Incense Sticks

Green Tree masala incense sticks are all natural and hand rolled from an exotic blend of herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils.
A wonderful company who crafts quality incense sticks and many of their recipes are based upon ancient Indian formulas.
They have a fantastic range of aromas and they all have beautiful packaging.
Their products have proven to be quite popular and we sell more and more of their products every year.

Each pack of incense contains 15 grams of incense, which correlates to approximately 12 incense sticks.
Each display box has 12 packs of 15 grams.

Brand: Green Tree

Origin: India

The burning time for each incense stick is roughly 45 to 60 minutes.

Buy 12 to receive the full box/display.

We have quite a few scents of incense sticks available including: 7 Angels, 7 Chakras, Angel Dust, Angel Healing, Angel Love, Buddhist Tantra, Call of the Shaman, Divine Eye, Dragons Blood, Flower of Life, Hand of Fatima, Mantra, Mayan Prophecies, Mother Earth, Palo Santo, Reiki Energy, Shambhala Path, Spiritual Yoga, Tibetan Flowers, White Magic, White Sage, Native Soul – Holy Smoke, Native Soul – Palo Santo & Copal, Native Soul – White Sage & Lavender, and Native Soul – White Sage & Palo Santo.

Be sure to keep this product safely away from your children or pets. You should always keep burning incense away from other flammable materials. Keep away from drapes. Be advised you should never leave burning incense unattended.

Do Not Consume | Don’t Leave Incense Unattended