What is the best brand for kitchen appliances, and what features do you need to look out for before buying? The best brand is one that is efficient and safe to use. In our article, we are going to talk about the history of top kitchen appliances.

The Modern Kitchen Appliances


The creation of a refrigerator started during the eighteenth century. The 1st successful creation was based on the vapor-compressing method. It, however, used to use methyl chloride, ammonia, and other toxic chemicals. During the twenties is when safer alternatives were created.

Electric stove

The patent for these kitchen appliances was filed in 1896, but they became famous many years later since there was no electricity.

In the 1920s is when electric stoves became so frequent, and most people preferred them because they were easy to operate and maintain.

Electric-powered oven

The patent of the electric-powered oven was filed in 1892. Electric-powered ovens function by using two heated elements. This electric kitchen appliance also has a fan which helps in heat circulation.


The coming of this kitchen appliance was a byproduct of tests that involved radar. An expert in 1945 discovered that chocolate kept inside pockets melted while he was learning about active combat radar. It made him learn that heat from a microwave-releasing magnetron can be used to cook. That was why he acquired a license to start inventing microwaves.

The first microwave came about in 1947. These kitchen appliances were big, but since then the size has been reduced.


A kitchen appliance operates using the vapor-compressing technique. The first freezer came about during the forties, and novoline explains that it used Freon.

Similar kitchen appliances were manufactured after World War II. Currently, they are produced as one unit enabling users to keep food.


This kitchen appliance emerged in the nineteenth century. The first of these kitchen appliances were hand-cranked wooden, and they were not useful or productive.

In 1887, kitchen appliances that could wash utensils fast were designed, and they encompassed wire partitions for dishes. They also had a copper boiler for keeping cups and a motor that could spin boiler while filling it with soapy water. These kitchen appliances were showcased at a fair in 1893, and the inventor started a washing machine invention business. Dishwashers became common in the fifties.

Waste disposal

The first garbage disposal kitchen appliances came about in 1927, and a patent for their invention was gotten in 1935. Their idea was quite simple, waste was poorly gotten rid of, and changes became necessary. Burning food waste in an incinerator required more energy. Appliances repair or modification which allowed liquidizing the rubbish and disposing of it via infrastructures like sewages seemed better. Currently, fifty percent of houses in most of the US own a waste disposing of the gadget.


Blending kitchen appliances were first designed in 1922 to help in producing malts and milkshakes. Their structure encompassed a can with a spinning blade that was attached to a motor.

More blending kitchen appliances came about in 1937 and they went on to become an essential medical device piece and helped a particular doctor to create a polio vaccine.

Electric kettle

The first of these kitchen appliances appeared in 1893 in England. Due to technology constraints then, its heating section would not be placed inside water. Instead, it would be kept in a section under the device. That rendered the appliance less useful.

The issue was fixed in 1922 when an element comprising of wire wound on core and sheathed in a metal cover was created.

The first automatic kettle came about in 1955, and it had a thermostat that flexed whenever water boiled.

Electric mixer

This kitchen appliance appeared first in 1908. The inventor got inspiration from a baker who mixed the dough using a spoon.

The first iterations of an electric mixer were mainly in industrial bakeries. A stand mixer was invented in 1919 by Johnson, who makes the best kitchen appliances.


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