The mini drum shaker is made in Bali, Indonesia. The mini drum shaker has been hand crafted by local craftsmen who have become experts in making these instruments. This product is manufactured for ease of use as a mini drum shaker. The spiral fire which has been burned in the mini drum looks lovely. The smooth handle made of wood has been shaped to fit comfortably in the hands of the players for a fun and easeful experience. There is a naturally made twine wrap in the two beaters that are attached to it.

The artisans in Bali, Indonesia have managed to adorn a gourd that is narrow. It contains a lot of stones and comes with a Base of goat skin. It also comes with an additional owl design which has been made using the technique of fire burning considered as a valuable tradition among the craftsmen. This small hand held musical instrument is versatile in nature. It can be used both as a drum as well as a shaker for additional music.

Besides the traditional use of this musical drumming instrument, it is also widely used in modern day music. This piece of single fire burn mini drum shaker is a perfect accompaniment for any type of modern day musical piece. It calls for a kind of percussive shaker that adds a unique touch to the musical sound that is otherwise just the regular modern day music. Since it is made with a small sized drum head and comes with a handle that can be held easily by the hand, any one can play it easily without any prior training. All you need is a little rhythm to be able to play the music. Although it is easy to play, it gives a great sound. You can combine it with other musical instruments for a heightened effect.