Your skin will thank you for it! Try using the African Natural Black Soap and watch your skin being nourished with minerals and vitamins. It has been used for centuries by the traditional people to keep their skin looking beautiful. It comes packed with the vitamins E, A and iron. This is a naturally made soap that is quite peculiar and helps in tremendously cleansing the skin of the body, the skin tone, fades discoloration in the skin, prevents the signs of ageing, eliminates irritation on the skin and even exfoliates on a daily basis. You will notice that your skin is now feeling super soft even during and after you have taken a shower with it. Its moisturizing effect is even higher as compared to the other commercial soap found in the market.

It is a vegetable based soap made from secret recipes that have been passed down from one generation to another. Some of its core ingredients include native types of plants like cocoa pods, plantain skins, and leaves of palm tree and bark of shea tree. This is a natural product made using century old methods and offers a lot of benefits to the skin. Continued use of the soap is essential for fighting hyper pigmentation or different forms of darkening due to exposure to the sun. It is also an effective remedy to treat skin conditions like eczema.