The sacred smudging mix is a fragrant mix of some of the sacred herbs sourced from around the world. Ingredients in the packet include desert sage, white sage, blue sage leaves and lavender. It is used for spiritual and fragrance purposes. The smoke released from the burning of the sacred smudging mix is widely used for the purposes of cleansing and purifying objects, people and even the area inside the home. You can use it by adding some fire to it or sprinkle it on top of a burning charcoal tablet. The quantity in the packet is ¼ lb and comes in a clear plastic bag with detailed description in the label.

After the fire was discovered, the earliest human beings noticed that they were able to get an aromatic smell from burning the dried plants. When the roots, barks, resins and herbs change their physical form after burning in the fire, it is changed into the physical form of smoke. It was believed that this transformation was proof of the presence of spirits living within the different plant substances. The aromatic plants have been used throughout the history of human kind for regular day to day activities in almost all the cultures. It is even used in the religion of Catholicism because it is likened to the prayer of a person being kindled by the burning fire inside the heart. Once the prayers are spoken by the lips, it is believed to result in the fragrance of Christ in the breath of the person.

When smudging with the sacred smudging mix, use charcoal tablets to be safe. You can also use a shell or a bowl and fill it up with a flat stone or sand to prevent the container from heating up. To bless a person, look into the eyes and greet them before fanning the sacred smoke from the herbs.