Auric Blends

Auric Blends is a fragrance manufacturer from California, USA.
They make quite a few popular scents such as their original egyptian goddess, love, and classic scents such as Sandalwood (chandan), patchouli, chinese rain, and vanilla.


Auric Blends crafts a fine array of scented, all natural glycerin soaps.

Scents Available Include: Egyptian Goddess and Love


Auric Blends Incense Sticks are available in 48 different scents and they come in bundles of approximately 100 incense sticks. Charcoal and Alcohol Free. Hand-made in Northern California, USA.

Scents include: Amber, Aphrodesia, Arabian Musk, Black Coconut, Blue Nile, Cactus Flower, Caribbean Nights, Champa Blend, Coco Mango, Dragons Blood, Egyptian Goddess, Fire Goddess, Frankincense & Myrrh, Ginger Lily, Golden Honeysuckle, Himalayan Quest, Isis, Island Paradise, Lavender Dream, Love, Majik, Malibu Sunset, Mocha Fudge, Moon-rise Musk, Night Queen, Ocean Song, One Love, Opium, Orange Spice, Patchouli, Peach, Rasta, Red Raspberry, Rocky Mountain Cedar, Rose Musk, Sandalwood (chandan), Sandalwood Rose, Seduction, Spring Rain, Stella Blue, Strawberry Passion, Sweet Magnolia, Transition, Tropical Rain, Vanilla, Vanilla Musk, White Gardenia, and Wild Sunflower.

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