Dhoop Incense

Here you will find a variety of traditional Indian dhoop incense.
Dhoop is a dark brown or black incense that was originally designed to be a ‘pooja’, or ceremonial offering and can usually be shaped into whatever shape required.

Currently available scents available include : Laxmi, Satya Super-Hit, and Padmini

More scents will be available shortly as we update our store to reflect our inventory.


Origin: India

Laxmi Dhoop is manufactured by the famous Mysore Sugandhi Company.

The fragrance is a fresh and resinous loban (benzoin), with hints of lavender and bergamot.

Laxmi dhoop incense is crafted in honor of the hindu goddess Laxmi.

Each box contains approximately 40 grams of incense, formed into (8) 3-inch long sticks.

These Laxmi incense sticks may burn for up to 90 minutes, although often for a bit less.

Satya Super-Hit

Origin: India

Since 1964, Satya has been the premier global producer of the popular ‘Nag Champa’ incense.

The scent of Super-Hit is mysteriously sweet, with an earthy undertone.
This incense is sure to delight your senses.

Each box contains roughly 12 sticks and incense holder.


Origin: India

Padmini translates into “she who sits on the lotus” and is a direct attribution to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. Padmini dhoop sticks have a delightfully gentle and exotic fragrance that is sure to promote a reflective atmosphere. The box that this incense comes in also doubles as an incense holder. This means that you may take these with you as you travel and delight in the soft, semi-sweet musk aroma that arises from the smoke.

Comes in packs of 12 boxes, each with 10 sticks, for a total of 120 sticks.