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Dragon’s Blood Resin

Botanical Names:
Ethiopian – Calamus Draco
Chinese – TBD
Grade B – TBD

Origin: Ethiopia, Sumatra, or China

Folk Names Include: Draconis Resina, Sanguis Draconis, Dragon’s Blood Palm, and Dragon’s Blood Reed.

Dragons blood resin is a bright or dark red resin obtained from a variety of different species of distinct plants within the genus’s of Coton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus Rotana, and Pterocarpus. This red resin has been a common theme within various ancient cultures.  This botanical had many uses, including being used for dye, varnish, incense, or even medicine. Historically it was commonly placed in wounds to instigate healing, although we do not advise doing this.

There used to be a bit of confusion in the olden days as to what dragons blood resin even was. It was sometimes confused with the poisonous material cinnabar. Some medieval encyclopedias even claimed it was blood from legitimate dragons. Long ago, native American Indians also used it in religious ceremonies.

Today, it is occasionally still used as a varnish for violins.
In African vodun it is purported to have cleansing qualities quite similar to white sage in native American culture.

Great for incense or spiritual use.
This is an all natural product and the Ethiopian and Chinese dragons blood are wild-harvested product.

Ethiopian Dragons Blood Resin Note: Our Ethiopian variety is a beautiful harvest of pure dragon’s blood resin and is our highest quality available.

Chinese Dragons Blood Resin Note: The Chinese dragons blood resin is of a high caliber but is a different variety and is much less fragrant then the Ethiopian version.

Grade B Dragons Blood Resin Note: We consider the B grade dragon’s blood resin to be of a lesser quality then the rest of our stock, hence the cheaper price. The B grade dragons blood may have a light dusting of color.

Not For Internal Use | Do Not Consume

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Ethiopian, Chinese, Grade B


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