French Green Clay Powder

//French Green Clay Powder

French Green Clay Powder


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This is an all natural and high quality clay powder mined in the United States of America.
Bentonite clay powder generally quite gentle and our clay is no exception.
With a silky texture and a smooth appearance, this clay is sure to make an excellent addition to your beauty regimen.

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French Green Clay Powder

Origin: France

Grade: Cosmetic

This is an all natural french green clay powder of supreme quality clay powder mined in France.

This European clay powder is perfect for facial masks, soap making, cosmetic crafting or general purpose.

You may need to mix this with a bit of water when applying this product to a liquid base in order to prevent clumping.

To apply as a facial mask, simply mix with water and apply to face.

May be stored indefinitely with proper storage.
This product does not expire under proper storage conditions.
Storage recommendations are air temperature in an air-tight container.

Being a natural product, the appearance may vary slightly from batch to batch but this product is generally quite consistent.

This product is sold for external use only.

Keep out of reach of children and away from eyes.
Do not inhale.

Not For Internal Use | Do Not Consume

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