Traditional incense has been in existence for a number of years. This is why most people refer to it as being there right from the beginning. Such simply implies that it has some benefits which have made it to be useful all this while. As a matter of fact, there is an increased awareness about the benefits of traditional incense which has led to more people making use of it as compared to before. For instance, it has been known to provide health benefits such as enhancing an individual’s level of creativity, improving level of concentration, prevention of infections such as germs in the body and improving the mood of users.

Are you wondering why traditional incense is growing in popularity? Do you know its properties are 100% organic? The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to some of the top properties of traditional incense. These are components that have made its uses very popular over the years. You will be discovering how they can help your health improve over the course of time. There is even natural incense with fun themes. There is no doubt that after revealing all of these properties, you will be looking for how to start making use of traditional incense.


Agarwood is one of the most popular properties of Japanese incense which has been regarded as the best in the world. There are lots of health benefits that it provides when contained in incense which you may hardly find elsewhere. For instance, it has been known to help in reducing pain in your joints, inducing sleep, relieving of allergies, combating of problems related to irritation and lots of others. It is very important to point out that Agarwood is a very powerful property of traditional incense and such is responsible for its increased popularity.


Sandalwood is a category of wood that has its origin from trees that are from Genus Santalum. It is another very popular property which can majorly be found in Japanese traditional incense. Some of its major benefits are mental clarity, ensuring that you are calm and relaxed, boosting and improving your memory, helping to improve the skin through its astringent properties, decrease in high blood pressure problems, anti – ageing benefits and lots of others. It may interest you to know that the discovering of these benefits has made traditional incense in Japan and China to become very popular as it was majorly used for the purpose of fragrance initially.

Borneo Camphor

Borneo Camphor is one of the ever – present properties of traditional incense. Cinnamomum is what it is scientifically referred as. This is a white solid which has got a piquant smell as well as sour taste. It has been discovered to originate from Cinnamonun camphora’s back which is a tree. Japan is where the tree has originated from.

The fact that it is one of the most notable medical properties of traditional incense will explain alot to you about its benefits. Some of them are helping to relieve pain and swollenness, alleviation of problems that are related to skin rashes, treating of eczema, used to induce sleep, treatment of nail fungus and lots of others.


Benzoin has a scientific name which is known as Styrax benzoin. South East Asia is where it has been discovered to have originated from. It is a resin that is in the form of crystalline stones which can be burnt. When this happens, a sweet ordour will then be released into the atmosphere. This has always been its primary use right from time as it has been discovered to always produce smell that is pleasant. This is perhaps why it was constantly used for traditional incense burning. However, in addition to such function benzoin can perform other roles such as helping to relieve headache and nervous tensions.


Frankincense has grown very popular amongst people around the world. This is perhaps due to some of the great benefits that it has been discovered to provide for users. It is gotten from trees which have been discovered to grow in Oman. Other places that it can be found are Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen. When the tree gets dried up, the sap is going to be burnt in the form of incense which will not only produce a pleasant smell but also provide some of other benefits. These could be helping to improve the skin, combating of germs in the body, controlling of negative emotions, boosting of the immune system in other to prevent illness, improving of the memory and lots of others.

Star Anise

Star Anise got very popular in Asia as it was made use of in cooking. It is an aged – old spice which has been very famous due to its medical benefits and properties. South China is where it originated from with the flavor that it produces being similar to that of Licorice.

Due to the strong and delightful fragrance that it has been known to produce, Indians make use of it as exotic spice. There are lots of countries all over the world where star anise is being included in dishes. All of these are because of the smell that it has been known to produce. Apart from being used in dishes, it contains plenty of vitamin C and A thereby helping to combat free radicals in the body. It is also perfect for the treatment of cough and flu due to some of its components such as Anethole, Terpineol and Thymol.


Rhubarb has been discovered to be a member of the Polygonaceae family. It isn’t a very popular property but does have lots of benefits that go beyond having to provide great smell when included in incense. One aspect that it has proven to be very popular over the years is the high amount of vitamin A, K and C which it contains. It has also been discovered to contain lots of calcium. Rhubarb has lots of health benefits that it can provide you when used in incense such as improvement of sight vision, boosting of your immunity towards diseases, enhancing of digestive system and lots of others.


Cinnamon has been an ever – present property of traditional incense. There are tree species that have been discovered to produce it. It is very popular in most developed countries around the world such as US, Germany, Japan, China and others. One of the reasons for such popularity is that it is widely made use of in dishes. This is due to the smell that it produces. It also provides health benefits such as combating of heart diseases and enabling your heart to function very well, reduction of blood sugar levels, combating of fungal and bacterial infections and lots of others.


Patchouli has been discovered to come from the Lamiaceae family. A common name that has been used in describing it is deadnettle or mint family. It is important to note that they are of various species. However, they tend to carry out functions slightly similar when used in traditional incense burning. Some of the health benefits to be used are fighting of problems related to depression, prevention of infections and skin problems, elimination of bad ordour, improved blood circulation and lots of others.