Mosquitoes can often prove to be overwhelmingly bothersome in many hot and humid parts of the world. Often-times such mosquitoes can swarm you in such hostile conditions. It’s no wonder that ancient cultures also wanted to get away from the endless biting and annoyance.

In ancient cultures there were many ways to help keep these pests at bay and we are going to discuss one of my favorite ones below:

  • Tobacco is a very well-known plant throughout most of the world. It has a negative reputation for it’s associations with cancer and lung issues but traditionally tobacco was a common way to deter insects from one’s surrounding area.
  • Campfires were burned not only for the aid of heat and light, but they were also burned to ward insects away from their camps.
  • Another popular way was to apply plant oils or crushed leaves to your skin in order to leave a strong fragrance. Some fragrances such as citronella, patchouli, lavender, or lemongrass are thought to be strong mosquito deterrents.
  • Incense is another popular way to keep pests away. The combination of the strong smell and smoke does not make a happy atmosphere for nature’s most hated insect. The many benefits of using incense over other methods include safety, portability, the lovely scent, and they also give you a method to feel comfortable without resorting to the many toxic components of today’s bug repellents.