Culture Used in a Sentence Examples:

  • It’s a lot of fun to learn about foreign cultures.
  • The professor talked a lot about culture.
  • There are a lot of different cultures.
  • Did Roman culture have a lasting impression?
  • Depending on their culture, they may see things differently.
  • Language and culture are intertwined.
  • Music is an important part of most cultures.
  • She tried to learn as much as she could about the local culture.
  • Tzatziki sauce is an integral part of Greek food culture.
  • In many cultures you cannot be married to multiple women at the same time.
  • People in our culture never forget our history.
  • Each culture has it’s own instruments.
  • It can be hard to adapt yourself to different culture.
  • She first learned about Chinese culture through a cooking book.
  • History students are constantly discussing culture.
  • He finds Tibetan culture fascinating.
  • Aesha dresses in accordance to her culture.
  • Technology is changing our culture.
  • Popular culture involves a lot of branding.
  • The military’s culture dictates a chain of command.

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