Building character with CHRIST JESUS as foundation.

Moses was quite the renegade, and yet, he was still called on by GOD to save HIS people from slavery.

However, during his journey, Moses had some issues he needed to deal with and he had quite a few lessons to learn as well.

Here are three lessons we can learn from him.


Moses’ insecurity was his speech. He was slow of speech, and GOD got upset with Moses for allowing his insecurity to get in the way. HE sends his brother Aaron to him to talk on behalf of Moses to the people. Fast forward more than 40 years, Aaron pass away and Moses start talking to the congregation all by himself.

Here’s the Lesson:

It took Moses 40 plus years to get over his insecurity. You guys, we don’t have 40 years. Moses lived to 120 yrs old, but we won’t. If we want to live a life of impact and purpose we need to do the necessary internal work to overcome our insecurities, ASAP!!!

Relationship with GOD

With all the mistakes that Moses had made in his life, he still built a relationship with GOD. He spent 40 days and nights in the mountain with GOD and GOD spoke to Moses like he never did to any other human mentioned in the Bible. In fact, when Aaron and Miriam wanted GOD to talk to them as HE did with Moses, they were punished. They did not seek GOD the way Moses was seeking a relationship GOD.

Here’s the Lesson:

Christianity did not exist in Moses’ time, GOD did not pick Moses because he went to church every Sunday or observed every possible scripture in the bible, and in fact the bible did not exist either only the Ten Commandments. The truth is that GOD is more interested in your character and his relationship with you than your religion.

Purpose and Stardom

Moses had a lot of attention on him due to the fact that he was “on stage” all the time. Moses however, lost track of why he did what he did and as a result he did not go into the land that was promised to GOD’s people. In today’s society people value those who are famous and doing great things in this world and that’s great. However, this is not for all of us and we don’t always know what they are going through.

Here’s the Lesson:

A lot of people want to be Moses, the one doing the miracles but we forget all the help he had; his brother, father in law and the rulers of thousands, hundreds and tens. These people played just as much a role in GOD’s plan than Moses. Don’t ever think your part is insignificant because it’s not like Moses.

Final thoughts

We get so caught up in other people’s story; we forget the beauty in our story. Do you have any biblical character that inspires you? Share it with me in the comments below.

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