There is a Buddhist legend involving the origin of tea.

It involves Bodhidharma, a famous Indian monk who is well-known for spreading the Buddha’s teachings throughout the southern region of China.

The Legend

The legend begins with Bodhidharma sitting in a cave during a long meditation session.

It goes on to state that he had issues falling asleep during his meditation practice.

This inevitably caused a lot of stress for Bodhidharma, who became so frustrated that he ripped his own eyelids off to ensure he would no longer be able to fall sleep.

He then proceeded to throw his eyelashes onto the ground.

It’s said that upon falling to the ground, they then sprouted into tea plants.

Noticing the tea plants, Bodhidharma plucked a few leaves and began to chew them.

Soon after, he noticed his mind clear with focus and resumed his meditation.

The story goes on to state that after this event, the leaves became popular with monks in the nearby region.

Although this legend is unlikely to be true, it does show the distinct importance of tea within Buddhist culture.