Deshaun Perkins, also known as Nukiknowws online, is quite recognizable for his online content. He was born on 28th February 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia state. At a very young age, he achieved the title of CEO at the LzZz gaming community. Nukiknowws is best known for his gaming content.

He usually makes gaming videos that focus on strategies and walk-throughs. Deshaun also streams his game-play on twitch. Twitch is a well-known gaming platform where gamers like Nukiknowws stream their game-plays for their audience. His passion for gaming pushed him to be in the top 12 on the platform and claim the title of “Most impressive” gamer in Florida states.

Apart from making gaming content, he also focuses on competitive gaming. He mainly shifted towards Fortnite battle royale, where he has over 100 hours of game-play. Fortnite is a first-person online shooting game that spread like wildfire in the gaming community in terms of popularity. Due to his gaming skills, he achieved many accolades.

He is the LzZz gaming prize winner, with a winning streak of 12 and 0 defeats. He also plays similar games like APEX legends and Call of Duty. Deshaun also participates in competitive gaming of these games.

Nukiknowws is also very interested in making music when he has free time from gaming. He is mostly into making beats with very relaxing energy. He has released two singles, “Valkyrie Takeover” and “Revenant death and destruction.” These two tracks can be found on platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Pandora. He aspires to make more music and collaborate with other artists.

Apart from his gaming career, Deshaun Perkins also gives time to his three-year-old daughter. Deshaun was in a long-term relationship with Amber Young, and they had a child called Laylani Perkins. However, the relationship came to an end around 2019. Nukiknowws expressed that he loves spending time with his daughter, and his interest in parenting is always growing.

At the age of 24, he is also very interested in philanthropy activities. Every Sunday afternoon, he streams his game-play on twitch. The revenue earned from those streams goes to charity mostly. He is very dedicated to the youth. He wants to promote gaming and e-sports competitively in a positive light. Many people still frown upon a career built upon gaming. Hence, he donates money to the youth so they can utilize it to strengthen their future career in gaming. Moreover, he also donates to his followers who are in need.

Deshaun Perkins has achieved quite a lot at a very young age. He is encouraging today’s generation to take e-sports competition as a career and how dedication can move you forward. Nukiknowws has a long way to go, and he has immense potential to achieve more titles and trophies in gaming competitions. Nukiknowws is dedicated to making his career flourish in the future.