Question: Some visitors to might ask, “What’s wrong with Easter?”

Answer: Well, for starters, it’s not on the list!

Astonished Questioner: “There’s a list?”

Answer: Yes, there is indeed a list of official forever biblical festivals! Always has been! You’ll find it at Leviticus chapter 23 with references to them throughout God’s Holy Bible, old testament and new, observed by God’s holy people front to back. And still diligently observed by His faithful people today. Revelation 14.12.

And surprisingly to most church-goers, Easter is not on the list! Not even close!

– Jesus was not resurrected on Sunday! (See our articles.)

– Furthermore, Easter is the name of an ancient pagan goddess prohibited by the first commandment. (Google “Ishtar” at for the lurid details.)

The word “Easter” in Acts 12.4 (KJV) was a devious blasphemous plant; a “clean miss” error corrected to “Passover” in nearly all modern bible versions.

When Jesus arrives, he won’t touch Easter with a stick!

Jesus is the inventor/creator of God’s holy days!

Few know that in John chapter 1, verses 1-3, eons ago Almighty God the Father in Heaven delegated to his fellow God and co-creator, Jesus Christ, (a.k.a “the Word.” John1.14) nearly all tasks regarding mankind, including the building of our enormous cosmos.

A major part of his creation, indeed perhaps the most telling, is his brilliantly inventing, painstakingly crafting, meticulously organizing and fully implementing of God’s holy days. And then, most notably, the fulfilling of them by Jesus’ own deeds recorded in the new testament! From springtime Passover through the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall, they reveal the chronology of his master plan for the glorious future of all mankind. See our articles.

Yes, it was, in fact, Jesus Christ who was designated by Almighty God to be “the master builder of the cosmos” and everything in it!

The biblical holy days coming one after the other provide mankind the stepping stones leading each person down God’s narrow path to life eternal; for virtually all who ever lived.

The festivals are annual reminders illuminating the marvelous, miraculous pathway to the great future prize sought by all mankind: escape from death to eternal life! This never-ending life to be awarded to all who will repent and resolutely learn God’s holy days. And loyally, diligently, courageously observe them. John 1.12.

The Leviticus chapter 23 list of God’s festivals includes:

– First in time order, Passover introduces Jesus Christ as son of god, savior and coming king of the earth. Luke 23.3.

– Next Pentecost, the “mustard seed” start of his church: the supernatural, dramatic induction of the very first trainees to become the foundation of his eternal spiritual organization. Acts 2.41.

– Then the Feast of Trumpets forecasts the actual end-time “touch down” arrival of Jesus Christ to be crowned king of the planet. Revelation 11.15

– Next, the Day of Atonement illustrates the removal of Satan, the current god of this troubled world. Revelation 20.2. 2Corinthians 4.4

– Finally, with Satan gone, the commencement of the great human harvest of virtually all who ever lived depicted by the 8-day Feast of Tabernacles. The launch of Jesus’ new and improved society “under new management” right here on the face of his restored planet earth: The Kingdom of God. Revelation 20.4 Acts 3.21.

Note: as essential as it is to the rest of the story, God created no holy day commemorating the day of Jesus’ resurrection!

The biblical holy days foretell the end of all mankind’s troubles and evil. Satan’s crumbling world of pain, suffering and death will be replaced by a universal society of peace, happiness and well-being for virtually every human ever born on the planet. Currently estimated at 100 billion, virtually all will be miraculously resurrected from the dead and rehabilitated to a new glorious abundant life everlasting. (A few billion at a time, we hope!) Revelation 20.13. Planet earth will be ruled by a single all-powerful benevolent governor, Jesus Christ, able to resolve any and all disputes that may arise, even between entire nations. Isaiah 2.4

Conclusion: Easter is not a bona fide biblical holy day!

Never was! Rather merely an ancient annual pagan party fashioned “out of whole cloth” by ungodly men. Easter is an attempt to reprise the carnal, unbiblical, ribald spring equinox shenanigans of long ago, cleverly painted over with a thin facade of “respectable religion” so-called.

At Jesus return to the planet, he will dramatically rejuvenate universal celebration of his holy festivals leading all mankind to the joyful paradise of the Kingdom of God, his grand government of planet earth and all human society. (Revelation 11.15).

Infamous, non-biblical, pagan Easter will be forever relegated to the dustbin of false religion!