Culture is an important aspect of our lives. It defines our history and who we are as individuals. In places such as America, where culture can be a little more blurred, a common question somebody might ask if ‘how many cultures are there in America?’. Well, let me explain that to you.

How many people are there in the United States of America?

United States of America’s Population in 2019: 329,420,142

There are just as many cultures in America as anywhere else, if not more. The United States of American is a very diverse place with migrants from just about everywhere in the world. People have gathered here from all around the world in hopes of a better life. In hopes that they may find freedom and economic opportunity. The diversity of our country should be considered one of our strengths, and most important aspects of our civilization.

The hard part about defining how many cultures there are in America is that it is hard to keep a strict definition on what defines a culture, as culture can be many different things to many different people. For example, some people may define Italy and Sicilian culture to be quite different, while others may see it to be quite the same.

If you’re looking for statistics, then please view the graphs below. However, it is important to note that there are many, many more cultures then listed here, as the statistics are quite general in nature.

United States Ancestry (2016 ACS)

Other groups 122,416,831 30.66%
Unclassified or not reported 48,337,165 12.11%
German 45,879,360 11.49%
Irish 33,093,550 8.29%
English 24,426,623 6.12%
American 21,961,129 5.50%
Italian 17,174,741 4.30%
Polish 9,344,126 2.34%
French (except Basque) 8,151,499 2.04%
Scottish 5,457,798 1.37%
Norwegian 4,454,964 1.12%
Dutch 4,210,787 1.05%
European 3,922,881 0.98%
Swedish 3,908,762 0.98%
Subsaharan African 3,232,142 0.81%
Scotch-Irish 3,056,848 0.77%
West Indian (except Hispanic groups) 2,881,007 0.72%
Russian 2,795,443 0.70%
French Canadian 2,084,903 0.52%
Arab 1,883,456 0.47%

Languages Spoken in America

English 231,122,908 79.29%
Spanish 37,458,470 12.85%
Chinese 1,867,485 0.64%
Tagalog 1,613,346 0.55%
Vietnamese 1,399,936 0.48%
French 1,253,560 0.43%
Korean 1,117,343 0.38%
German 1,063,275 0.36%
Arabic 924,374 0.32%
Russian 879,434 0.30%