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Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful and typically hand-carved works of art. Each one is unique and many people love to display these in their living rooms. One of the cool things about these lamps is that they are actually self-cleaning. If you are using your salt lamp often, then there is usually not much need to clean it due to the salt attracting moisture and wicking itself off. However, when the time comes that it does need cleaned, since they are made from salt, there are certain precautions that one must take in order to avoid harming the lamp.


If you notice excess moisture on the lamp, you can simply use a dry cloth to wipe it off.

Alternatively, turning on the lamp for a couple of hours will typically create enough heat to evaporate the moisture.

If your Himalayan salt lamp becomes dirty with dust or something similar, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean the lamp, but it is important not to apply to much water or it may lessen the longevity of the salt structure.


  • Although salt lamps usually last quite a long time, it is important not to use them outdoors or in wet locations as the moisture can wear the salt structure down. For example, it is not recommended to keep one in your bathroom due to the high humidity in those rooms.
  • It is recommended to cover the lamp during longer periods of storage to protect it from dust and moisture. A traditional cloth covering is recommended, but a paper bag should also be sufficient.
  • If you are placing your salt lamp on expensive furniture, you may want to place a coaster under the salt lamp. Sometimes when the lamps sweat, a little salt can drip down and crystallize on the base of the lamp.
  • Using your salt lamp often may improve it’s longevity due to the heat of the lamp drying the salt structure.