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A common question Christians often ask me is whether or not palo santo wood is mentioned within the Holy Bible and if they are allowed to use it in their religious practice or at their homes.

Many of these people are accustomed to burning frankincense and myrrh (the resins given to Baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men in the Holy Bible) upon charcoal, like they used to do in ancient times, and naturally, palo santo can seem quite similar to them.

Well, I have read the Holy Bible a few times, and it is not mentioned anywhere in the book.

This is probably because most of the story in the Holy Bible takes place in the Middle East and palo santo wood is native to South America, so the characters in the Holy Bible probably never came into contact with palo santo wood.

As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with Christians using palo santo wood, but if you are concerned, you could always talk to your local pastor or priest and ask for their opinion on the matter. Most of the pastors I have personally spoke with have said that as long as you aren’t performing South American rituals, there shouldn’t be any problem with it.