Make Love, Not War was a popular anti-war slogan which grew to prominence during the 1960s due to the Vietnam war.

This was a time period in which politics began to change drastically.

Anti-war protests during this time became commonplace.

Don’t be mistaken. It wasn’t just hippies who yelled this phrase in the streets. Everyday people did so as well. Even some Vietnam veterans were known to take part in the slogan.

Many Americans believed we shouldn’t go to war with Vietnam, as they believed it wasn’t our war to fight. When President Lyndon B. Johnson was elected, he sent around five hundred thousand troops to Vietnam. There were quite a lot of families weren’t very happy with their children being drafted into the military in order to go to war.

Not everyone shared the same view, and this led to a divide within our societal and political systems.

Today, the phrase Make Love, Not War remains a popular slogan and is often adorned onto tapestries and many other products.