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Our good friend Anthony Ruggerio has published his first book, titled Mary Tudor: A Story of Triumph, Sorrow, and Fire and we would love to congratulate him on his book release and accomplishment.

Anthony Ruggiero is a high school history teacher for St. Agnes Academic High School in College Point, New York.

He is also a prolific history blogger and you can find his intriguing blog articles littered throughout many history websites on the web. You can catch him on Twitter @Anthony10290122

Scroll down to read the introduction to his latest book, Mary Tudor: A Story of Triumph, Sorrow, and Fire.

Book Introduction

The Tudor Dynasty of England, spanning from the late fifteenth century into the early seventeenth century, was filled with colorful monarchs that impacted the country politically, economically, and socially. One of those monarchs was Mary Tudor, the daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Mary ruled over England from July 1553 to her death in November 1558. Despite its initial promise and success, Mary Tudor’s reign was unsuccessful due to the increased influence of foreign power. Mary’s early life and struggle to the throne reflected her determination to rule, her strong religious conviction to Catholicism, and her reliance on Spain.

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