Naomi Burton-Crews is the stepdaughter of Terry Crews, a famous actor and TV host, and her mother, Rebecca King-Crews, is also an actor and singer.

The couple got married in 1989, and Naomi has since become a well-known star child, attracting the public’s attention for her role as Terry Crews’ daughter.

This article provides more information about Naomi’s life, career, family, and personal details.

Early Life and Career

Naomi was born on 7th March 1987 in the United States, and her biological father is unknown.

Her childhood and educational background remain undisclosed, but she is a US citizen of mixed heritage.

Naomi Burton-Crews is also a clinical psychologist, family therapist, and licensed marriage.

In addition to her career in psychology, Naomi is an internet media personality who appeared on The Terry Crews-produced Strange Food Reality television show.

Family Background

Naomi Burton-Crews’ stepfather, Terry Crews, is famous for his role as Julius Rock on the four-season sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Terry Crews played superb American football defense, and Western Michigan University awarded him an athletic scholarship.

After failing to make it in American Football, Terry Crews returned to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue an acting career.

He became famous for his roles in movies such as “Friday After Next,” “White Chicks,” and “The Longest Yard,” and he appeared in the “Expendables” movie series.

Naomi Burton-Crews’ mother, Rebecca King-Crews, was introduced to Terry Crews in the latter half of the 1980s after her separation from Naomi’s biological father.

After they got married in 1989, Terry took care of Naomi, and her name changed to “Crews” at some point.

Naomi has four brothers and four sisters, and her siblings Azriel, Tera, and Isaiah have acted in various television series.