Orthodox Christianity has quite the plethora of Iconography.

St John the Wonder-Worker

Glorious Apostle to an age of coldness and unbelief,invested with the Grace-filled power of the Saints of old,Divinely-illumined seer of divine mysteries, feeder of orphans, hope of the hopeless, thou didst enkindle on earth the fire for the love of Christ upon the dark eve of the Day of Judgment — Pray now that this sacred flame would arise from our own hearts.

St. Seraphim of Sarov

Thou didst love Christ from thy youth, O blessed one, and longing to work for Him alone thou didst struggle in the wilderness with constant prayer and labor. With penitent heart and great love for Christ thou wast favored by the Mother of God. Wherefore we cry to thee: Save us by thy prayers, O Seraphim our righteous Father.

St. Anthony the Great

You imitated the ways of zealous Elijah, and followed the straight path of John the Baptist. You became a desert dweller and strengthened the world by your prayers. Father Anthony, intercede with Christ our God that our souls may be saved

St. Isaac the Syrian

We acclaim thee as a God-bearing and righteous Hierarch, as a citizen of the desert, O Isaac our protector and revealer of things sacred. Since thou hast boldness with the Lord, pray to Him for all who honor thee and cry to thee: Rejoice, O divinely-wise Father

St. Ephraim the Syrian

O Ephraim, as a lover of silence thou didst ever foresee the hour of reckoning and bitterly lament; and by thy works thou wast indeed a teacher, O righteous one. Wherefore, O father of all the world, thou dost rouse the slothful to repentance.