Spy X Family is an anime show made for the whole family!

Now when it comes to anime in 2022, there aren’t many shows that you can watch without making sure the door to your room is locked the entire time. You know what I’m talking about, right? Even the most ‘normal’ of shows make the ‘fan service’ element go wild more than just a couple of times.

But we all can agree that watching anime with your family and friends has always been a pleasant experience. It’s something that makes the show have a lot more meaning when you’re just looking back at the wonderful memories it etches in your mind. So today, we’re here to introduce you to a show that made sure anime was ‘re-introduced’ to the entire world, a show that broke the records and despite it not ‘on-air’ right now, is a name that’s making headlines left and right. The forgers are here to meet you!

Looking for Mystery, Suspense and Thrill With a ‘Wholesome Sprinkle’?

I’m pretty sure when it comes to the good old mystery/thriller genre combo, we’ve got our picks that, at times, qualify as being our ‘guilty pleasures’ to be honest. But Spy X Family brings “Twilight”, who is also known as Loid Forger into the picture and portrays how intelligence agencies have some of the most clever human beings on the planet. The task, the mission takes first priority and with Twilight ready to leave no stone unturned to deliver the results, the whole ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’ is about to set in play yet once again.

Anime Character of the Year!

The Fall season is yet to air and despite it looking like one hell of a lineup, no show would be able to top Anya Forger when it comes to the ‘character department’. From the character design to the voice acting, everything’s so on Fleek that you can’t help but want to visit the nearest orphanage to get someone like her right away!

Plus, the telepathy only comes as an added bonus and the cuteness makes her surpass the likes of Mob and Saiki, names that have been the face of the whole ‘psychic’ vibe that anime has up its sleeve. It’s just marvelous seeing her everyday school life while kids behave like ‘kids’, stirring up all kinds of trouble. But the Frogers are adamant to tackle all the trials and tribulations that stand in their way.

Not Scared of Your Mom? Well, We’ve Got the Perfect Solution!

Wholesome shows featuring loving families have one thing in common. That being a mother that’s ready to turn against the entire world for her child’s sake. Well, we’re not saying that doesn’t hold true in the case of Spy X Family but you for sure don’t want to get on Yor Froger’s wrong side.

A stunning beauty packing the deadliest assassin on the planet, it’s safe to say that both the mother and the father have their share of secrets that they don’t want anyone else to know. Not a good relationship you say? You’ll be eating those words pretty soon since with them trying their hardest to bring the perfect family to life would make you run out of those tears of joy soon enough.

I mean just looking back at the grenade proposal right now reminded me of how slick anime can be when it comes to romance.

All in all, Spy X Family is a show that deserves all the praise it’s gotten. It’s pretty much become the face of anime in 2022. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have binged it a million times already but if you’re in that 0.001% who haven’t, do yourself a favor and get to the show right away!

The featured image at the beginning of this post is from DG-RA of PixaBay.