The wits, cleverness and negotiation skills of Captain Jack Sparrow has drawn attention to the life of pirates. The success of the pirates of the Caribbean franchise has made millions of people interested in history of piracy. People are now absolutely interested in knowing about the adventures of pirates through history. Aside from the adventures of Jack Sparrow, there are various interesting stories about real infamous pirates.

There were several pirates in different seas across the world. Their adventures have given them infamous reputation. In some cases, the adventures have given them shame. At times they were known to even have a sense of democracy.

This article will give you an insight on 8 of the most infamous pirates in marine and world history:

Captain William Kidd

When you hear the name William Kidd, you might confuse this pirate with someone else. In the 15th century, there was a well-known pirate named William Kyd. However, this Kidd lived in the 17th century. The story of Captain Kidd began in Scotland. He was born there in 1645 and died due to execution in 1701. He started his life as a sailor and a privateer and ended it as a pirate. He was imprisoned and tried for piracy, which resulted in his execution.

The irony of Kidd’s fate is that he started his famous see adventures as a hunter for pirates. Then, he shifted his career into one. He earned the title pirate by the nomination of his crew. Then, he had a huge fallout with this crew. Such thing gave him no choice but to commit brutal actions against his own crew. He killed some of his men, which was the first stone in his piracy career.

The last straw in piracy life was his attack on a ship of East India Company. This raid had led to his capture and trial in England. He tried to exchange some of his wealth for his freedom. But this was pointless, as he was executed at the end.

Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was born in England in 1540. He died in 1596. His piracy actions were targeting Spanish ships during the Anglo-Spanish war. His piracy career was a source of glory and acceptance for him in England. In fact, he was close to Queen Elizabeth I. Some historic evidence show that the queen used to call him my pirate. The highlight of Sir Francis’s career was in the voyage that took place between 1577 and 1580. During the voyage, he chose to kill one of his crew to avoid mutiny. His operations were centered in the Caribbean. His work contributed to the defeat of the Spanish warships fleet.

Anne Bonny

She was a very famous female pirate. Historic sources believe that she was born in 1697 in Ireland. The same books mention that she died around the year 1782. Her life in the world of piracy began when she married James Bonny. He was a small-time sailor/pirate. But the marriage relationship didn’t work out for her.

Through her husband, Anne had met different pirates including the infamous Calico Jack. She left with him on his pirate ship. Then, she became attracted to the violence and action of piracy. She convinced to the crew to become more involved in violence. All this led to her imprisonment. She was supposed to be executed, but she claimed to be pregnant. Such thing spared her from execution.

Henry Every

Henry was born in 1659 in England. His death year is not known for sure. Henry’s career was full of highlights in a very short time. He didn’t attack many ships, but the two vessels he plundered were truly rich. His operations were based in Atlantic and the Indian oceans. The authorities never managed to capture him alive. He vanished without a trace after achieving great wealth


His real name was Edward Teach. He was born in 1680 in England. He died in 1718 in North Carolina. He gained wide fame due to his greed and fighting skills. He was a pirate captain of 4 vessels. His crew of pirates exceeded 300 subordinates. His history is full of numerous killings. He never hesitated in killing a huge number of his captives. The British Navy killed him in a battle in North Carolina.

Henry Morgan

He was born in 1635 in the UK and died in 1688 in Jamaica. The highlights of Sir Henry’s career are basically in Jamaica. He played a significant role in destroying Spanish vessels. He also managed to undermine the rule of Spain in Jamaica. The terrors of Morgan’s acts are diverse. But his work in Puerto Principe is unforgettable. He attacked and ruined the Spanish town to the extent that it needed full rebuilt after Morgan and his men left. King Charles II gave him the knight title due to his work.

Bartholomew Roberts

His original name was John Roberts. He was born in 1682 in the UK and died in 1722 in Gabon. His piracy work includes plundering of more than 400 ships. He gained a negative reputation due to his cold blood. He never flinched in looting and killing. He became a pirate by chance. He used to serve on a ship as an officer. This ship was taken by a pirate, who died briefly.

One of his most infamous crimes is burning a slave ship that had slaves on board.

Thomas Tew

Historic sources indicate that he was born in 1649 and died in 1695. He carried the nickname of the Rhode Island Pirate. His work as a pirate was centered in the Red Sea. He gained a lot of wealth due to plundering two huge ships. One of them was an Indian vessel. Captain Kidd was assigned to capture Tew. By the time of his death, his wealth had reached 8,000 pounds. He never stopped making the most of his piracy life.

The lives and adventures of pirates are endless. From the 15th to the 18th century, you can find amazing stories and tales that can entertain you for years.