If you are interested in Hinduism faith, you need to know Lord Krishna. Krishna is a main divinity in Hindu faith. The name Krishna is mentioned several times in the Gita. According to Hinduism, the God Vishnu has 8 avatars. Krishna is the eighth.

Overview of Krishna

An avatar figure in Hinduism is a big deal. It simply means that this figure is a direct decent of God. In fact, he is also considered a supreme God. In the faith, Lord Krishna is the symbol of love and compassion. He has contributed to enriching the world of wisdom. Krishna has a big role in the popularity and spread of Bhakti yoga.

Krishna was responsible for the killing of a tyrant king in his homeland, Mathura. He is also responsible for restoring justice and love in the area.

Birth of Krishna

Krishna was born in northern India, particularly in Mathura. Sources indicate that his birth was approx. 3,228 BC. He was born in the era of Kamsa. Kamsa was ruling this area. He was an unfair ruler. His sister Devaki married Vasudeva. Together they had children. Krishna is their eighth child. The tyrant ruler believed a prediction that Vasudeva’s eighth child will kill him.

Kamsa was terrified by the prediction. So, he imprisoned his sister and her husband. He made sure to kill every child his sister bares. So, he killed the first seven children of Vasudeva. The couple was worried about the fate of their unborn baby. However, Lord Vishnu soothed their fears. The lord promised to return in guise of the infant and save them from the ruler.

By a divine miracle, the father escaped with his newly born baby. The father found a loving foster family for his kid. They were Yasoda and Nanda. They were working in raising herds of cows. In exchange for Krishna, the father took a newly born girl and went back to prison. When the tyrant heard about the birth, he rushed into the prison. But to his surprise, another divine miracle took place there. The girl took the form of goddess Yogamaya and went up to the heaven. Before leaving, the girl told him that his future destroyer is alive and safe in another place.

Early Life of Krishna

In the peaceful and idyllic community, Krishna grew up. He developed passion for playing the flute. There are also stories about his playful and naughty behaviour as a child. He loved to play and execute pranks in his early years. There are other stories also confirming that he fought demons at a young age. As he grew, he caught the attention of many women due to his beauty and music. As a young man, Lord Krishna went back to Mathura and killed Kamsa. Then he freed his father from prison.

Krishna and Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita or Gita is an important ancient Indian text. You can learn about Krishna’s role from this text. The history of this text goes back to the 9th century B.C. According to the text, Krishna has made important friendship with notable Hindu heroes in Prince Arjuna. He was the Pandava Prince. Krishna became his advisor too.

There was an unresolved conflict between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Lord Krishna tried to solve the issue before getting to the point of war, but never managed to repair the damage. So, the events of Kurukshetra war erupted. During the war, Lord Krishna gave his friend the dialogue of the Bhagavad Gita. This discourse has played a massive role in facilitating spirituality for all people. The Gita was all about accepting of the life and world.

Impact of Krishna on People’s Life

Krishna’s life is an inspiration for millions of people in India and other parts of the world. He is an incarnation of Vishnu. But he is also a primary god in Hinduism. His story is a symbol for suffering and hope. He is a symbol for music, love and acceptance. For Hindus and Bhakti yoga enthusiasts, Lord Krishna is a mentor, a hero and a protector. His story and Gita have impact on people’s beliefs, art and literature and much more.

Major Topics in Krishna’s Principals

Krishina’s principles are significantly important for Hinduism. His life and story reflects everything that is moral and kind. Learning his story will reveal how divine and faithful he is. He is this way as a husband and a friend. Krishna is proof of how positive nature and attitude can help in the toughest life obstacles.

Morals and loyalty are always important for Krishna. They are a compass for everyone trying to find their way in life. Krishna’s principles can always inspire you even in the most challenging situations.

Krishna and Art

You can’t really differentiate between Krishna and art. He is always there when music or art are around. He is present in artwork inside and outside temples. There are drawings and sculptures of Krishna as a young child or a grown-up. You will always find a depiction of him with his blue skin, long dark hair and a yellow robe. You can’t miss seeing his flute. Drawings that reflect Krishna in his youth also contain cows. This refers to his life in Cow-herding village.

The story of Krishna has inspired many artists to write relevant films and drams. There are various songs or local dances that commemorates the divine Sri Krishna.

Krishna’s Festival

This festival is the most notable holiday in Hinduism. Janmashtami is a popular Hindus holiday. This is when Hindus and Krishna followers celebrate his birthday. He was born in the dark fortnight of Shravan. The celebration happens every year in the time between mid-August and beginnings of September. The exact date is determined according to the Hindu calendar.

On this occasion, people will fast for 24 hours and perform arati ritual at midnight. There are devotees praying in this festival. People make feasts and provide milk candies to baby Krishna. They sing, dance and celebrate the life of Krishna.