With Dragon Ball Super adding a bunch of new ‘super saiyan’ forms to the mix, we’ve got a lot on our plate for today’s topic. But only true dragon ball fans would know the struggle. I mean making ‘Google Images’ beg for forgiveness when we spammed ‘super saiyan numbers’ one after another in that search bar.

Thinking about that only makes those days feel like the best time of our lives.

With that being said, let’s just sit back, relax and choose the best, the most powerful super saiyan form that Goku has brought forth!

Super Saiyan Forms Grew Stronger as the Series Progressed

One thing that dragon ball, heck any anime title has followed is the ‘progression’ rule. That meaning, as more episodes come out, the story progresses beyond a certain point and we get a certain ‘form’, miles ahead of the behemoth of a power level we saw not that long ago.

Same holds true in Goku’s case since with Super Saiyan God only giving birth to Super Saiyan Blue, the winner was always in our sight. In case you’re one of those who’s going to throw in the good old ‘Super Saiyan 4’ GT Goku supremacy into the mix then I have the perfect equation for you right here.

SSJ4=SSJ4, nothing more, nothing less

I’m pretty sure we all know what these terminologies mean and with what I wrote speaking loud and clear for itself, there isn’t really any room for doubt now, is it?

What Did SSGSS Bring Forth?

Dragon Ball Super started it off going full throttle since introducing the god form from the get go only managed to give the anime universe pray for its safety in full swing. But ever since SSGSS joined the fray, things have been as simple as they’d ever get in the dragon ball universe.

Whether you’re taking down new foes adding hideous looks to the anime or just the fusions having a taste of these new power levels, it’s safe to say that SSGSS served as that ‘beginning’ that made Goku cement himself as the strongest to have ever lived. I mean it’s clear that he’s left Vegeta in the dust long ago but let’s not hurt the Saiyan prince here.

SSGSS Vegito and SSGSS Gogeta

Fusion was back in the dragon ball universe and the blue hair only made these monster forms break every other scouter that the show had known to date. I mean it’s true that Gogeta was made canon because of SSGSS cause if that wasn’t in the show, Gogeta wouldn’t have been able to give Broly the beating of a lifetime.

The same holds true when you think of Vegito since Zamasu was for sure giving the dysfunctional Saiyan duo the hardest time they had seen so far in Dragon Ball Super. The only way they stood a chance against this kai gone rogue was by getting all dressed up, making those potaras define style yet once again.

The Verdict

Sure, so far Ultra Instinct is the strongest that Goku has looked ever since his birth on Planet Vegeta. But that isn’t really a super saiyan form. Only SSGSS serves to stand up to the galactic monstrosities that Dragon Ball Super brings to the table all the while making our beloved protagonist surprise us time after time, again and again.

Dragon Ball Super is about to hit the screens soon enough and with Goku introducing new forms every other arc or so, we can expect great things from the sequel that would make the fans do those kamehameha poses a million times!

The featured image at the beginning of this post is from DrawingGallery of PixaBay.