The role of the Imam is to officiate and lead prayer and other services.

They are considered an essential part of Islamic practice and also take on a role of supporting the community.

The word ‘imam’ translates to ‘to stand in front of’, which refers to the location the imam stands during prayer.

How is an Imam Chosen?

The local community does it’s best to come together and choose a wise and respectable member of society.

Additionally, the Imam is expected to understand and be able to recite the Quran correctly.

In larger, more affluent communities, trained Imams are sometimes hired.

What Are an Imam’s Duties?

The key responsibility of an Imam is to lead Islamic religious services.

The imam is expected to be at the mosque each day to lead the five daily prayers.

The imam must also prepare and deliver a sermon, typically every Friday.

They are expected to be present for many other events as well, such as funerals, and even natural events, such as during an eclipse.

Traditionally, the imam was also a community figurehead which could ask advice from.

Can Imams be Female?

Traditionally, Imams must be male, however, a female may lead prayer if a male Imam is not present.