Nordic countries possess something out of the ordinary, separating them from the rest of Europe. Their peculiar spirit and innovative creations make them kind of a trademark in the north. Denmark represents one of the noncommercial, modern, and, at the same time, antic travel destinations. Very scenic with impeccable nature and outgoing spirit, Denmark is relatively known for being flat and having never-ending bike routes.

For travel enthusiasts looking for modern but culture-rich destinations, Denmark might be the right choice, especially Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and one of the oldest cities regarding monarchies since this country is a combination of democratic and monarchistic arrangement.

For those of you who decide to visit this extraordinary city, we made a list of things you should know and shouldn’t miss.


Food lovers will notice the numerous hot dog stands all over Copenhagen, so be sure to grab a bite or two if your schedule is full. However, experienced gourmands should try traditional dishes like the red sausage (rod polse). Traditional danish breeders lunch now became one of the most renowned food here-smorrebrod, aka the open-face sandwich. Since many refugees settled here back in the day when immigration policy wasn’t so strict, they brought a dish named durum shawarma, which became very popular. Speaking of famous, falafel  (traditional Egyptian dish) is next on the list, and you shouldn’t miss trying it. Flaeskesteg, Frikadeller, fiskefrikadeller, and marinated herring, salmon alongside pizzas and burgers are recommended if you are looking for unordinary food specials. We must mention that all food delicacies are perfectly arranged, and Instagrammers will have their hands full in choosing the right picture since the food here indeed looks impressive.

Please don’t stop the music

There isn’t a person that doesn’t enjoy music and music festivals. Even if there is Copenhagen will change your perspective regarding this subject. Jazz is one of Copenhagen’s trademarks. In the 50 s and 60 s, the world was experiencing a lot of discrimination considering the black race, especially the US a reason many famous jazz artists moved or visited Denmark since its policy wasn’t so strict, and they were free to create and perform here. Jazz became widely popular here since jazz artists and performers truly care about their music. There is even a category named Danish Jazz dating back to 1923 when the first jazz orchestra was formed right here in Copenhagen. Be sure to visit Jazz Montmartre (don’t forget to try their cocktails) and the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Life is a beautiful ride

Sports enthusiasts will adore this city because of its sport friendly spirit combining eco-friendly environment and carb spending.

When talking about rides, we must say that biking is one of Denmark’s most famous and popular sports. Copenhagen is exceptionally bike-friendly, and the government invested a significant amount of money in this kind of transport. Statistics show that around 60 percent of people living here use bicycles daily as transport while only 10 percent use a car. One of the reasons is that Copenhagen (and the whole Denmark) is very flat supporting the local biking scene. We aren’t talking only about regular bicycles because all sorts of bikes are in use, including cargo bikes and racing bikes. While some of the world’s most known cities have traffic jams, Copenhagen has bicycle traffic jams, especially at rush hour. The town even has a free bike program offering 1300 free bikes around town and numerous bike tours ranging in distance and ponderosity.


Danish love beer, its brews have fled the world’s market, and the trend keeps growing and growing. Misconceptions about beer prices here appeared since Sweden and Norway do hold their beer prices very high. Conversely, a wide price range of beer is present in Copenhagen, meaning you can purchase your favorite at moderately decent pricing. Most popular beer brands are Carlsberg (made in Copenhagen), Tuborg, Royal Pilsner, and many craft beers ranging in alcohol percentage, taste, and color. Beer enthusiasts will have fun here since Copenhagen is full of bars, beer crafts, and pubs offering numerous beers and beer snacks.


Statistics suggest that Copenhagen is more expensive than Paris (for 9%), making it one of Europe’s most luxurious cities. Its brilliant architecture, edgy design, and posh neighborhoods speak of Copenhagen’s modern and high-end side. Although most with proper research can adjust their budget to experience this city’s spirit, many entrepreneurs and business people mark Copenhagen as one of their favorite places when doing business. It is rated as one of the prime locations for doing business because of its free-market supporting capitalistic ideas of sales and a big safety net considering social welfare. Danish consider aesthetics and manners essential, so make sure to grab the best suit in your closet and make a good impression. Individuals arriving here on business occasions should know that timing is also crucial, so don’t be late and try to stand out. If you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and reliable ride, consider renting a limousine service in Copenhagen and enjoy the trip in style.

The Water Route

Denmark is rich in canals and fjords, a characteristic present in all Nordic countries. If you are a water person, consider it calming and a nature lover, Copenhagen will steal your heart away. Nyhavn canal tours are top-rated, and as a tourist, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to follow Viking’s footsteps and witness the city from a brand new perspective and numerous sights that will take your breath away. Be sure to listen to warnings and keep your head down when needed since there is a lot of low-level bridges that can hurt you if you don’t pay attention to your guide warnings.

General safety

Copenhagen is relatively safe compared to other European capitals, but thefts and pick-pocketing do sometimes happen, especially in crowded buses and public transportation. Just keep your head up, take care of your belongings, and you won’t experience any safety problems.

Let us know what you think in the comment section and have fun visiting one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and monuments.