My friends have a habit of giving unique surprises. I used to catch them red-handed, but this time they did their best in finding the best way to surprise me. They planned a surprise birthday party at the Desert Safari Company in Dubai to give me the best birthday gift ever.

Away From Family

I turned 25 a few days back. I was feeling a bit low as I was in Dubai away from my family on this special day. So the chances of enjoying a fantastic birthday bash were quite low. I have three college friends in Dubai with whom I used to spend some time on weekends. We all came to Dubai to complete our studies some time ago.

A Surprise Birthday Party in Desert

On my birthday, my friends came to my home at noon. I thought this birthday would be like other birthdays, but it was a bit different experience. I have no words to explain how much I enjoyed that day. My friends asked me to get ready as the bus will come to pick us around 3 pm. I was still wondering what they had planned. They just told me that they had taken the services of a tour company for my birthday surprise. Well, then I came to know that they had planned my surprise birthday party in the desert and were also eager to enjoy the desert safari in Dubai.

Dune Bashing and the Camel Ride

When we reached the desert, land-cruisers were waiting for us to drift on the high dunes of the desert. Dune bashing in the desert was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

I along with my friends enjoyed it a lot. It was our first desert safari trip, and we were a bit afraid too, but the professional and licensed drivers handled the things quite smoothly. The ride was literally giving us a feel as if we are having a roller coaster ride, the twist and turns on high dunes were exceptionally amazing. Also, the 4×4 car was fully equipped with roller cages and each seat has a seat belt for the safety of the passengers, so we were quite sure that the tour operator have made the necessary arrangements.

After dune bashing, we enjoyed the camel ride at the camp area. It was equally thrilling and a different experience because I never hopped on a camel’s back before and it was entirely not like riding on a horse back. At first, I was a bit scared to climb on a camel’s back, especially at the beginning of the ride but once it starts walking on the desert sand, the excitement accelerated and we enjoyed the ride a lot.

After that, we headed towards the sand boarding area and I must say that the experience of slamming down the high dunes with a sand-board is simply incredible. The onsite staff provided us with the helmet and knee pads of avoid any injuries if we fell down. Dubai desert is the only place where you can enjoy such activities otherwise I haven’t seen such an assortment of fun activities anywhere else.

The Thrilling Off-Road Buggy Ride

Before heading towards the next activity, we were served with soft drinks, fresh juices, and snacks in the camp area. Also, fresh water, tea and coffee were available for us throughout the trip. After relaxing in the camp for some time, we got up for the off-road buggy ride for which I was very excited.

Well, I must say that a spirit of adventure is needed for such kind of fun. An experienced guide was also there to give us the necessary instructions to operate the gear and provided us with the costume, riding goggles, gloves and knee pads for safety. I and my friends enjoyed quad biking in the rough terrains of the desert very much as it was our first experience. Perhaps, it was a short ride as there were a lot of people in the waiting line and the sun was about to set behind the sand dunes thus, we knew that the other part of the fun of today’s evening is about to begin.

Delicious Dinner and Entertainment Services

I had never witnessed such a beautiful sunset. The view of the sun setting behind the red sand dunes was breathtaking. We took a lot of pictures as a souvenir of our trip and watched the sunset in awe. At night, we were served with the buffet dinner which was mouth watering and delicious. The menu had a variety of dishes including BBQ items, veg and non-veg cuisines along with different traditional Middle Eastern desserts.

The day didn’t end there, and we were all ready to witness the spectacular entertaining performances by skilled artists. In the Bedouin style camp, different entertainment shows were organized including tanoura dance, belly dance and fire show. I thoroughly enjoyed tanoura dance performance during the dinner. Moreover, it was the first time I watched live belly dance performance anywhere especially in Dubai as it is banned by the Dubai government in the city. The belly dancer showed us some skilled moves with swords and knives on the beats of traditional Arabic music. Also, I was amazed to witness the fire show. It was a bit scary and exciting at the same time because the performer was blowing fire from his mouth. A photography session was also arranged to capture some moments of this memorable trip.

Cake Cutting Under the Shining Stars

We spent the evening under the shining stars. Then I sliced the cake which was arranged by the tour operator on request, and the crowd greeted me by singing happy birthday song. I can never forget this amazing surprise which my friends planned for me.

Well, this was the best birthday of my life. I was much surprised at this unique and unusual birthday celebration. I am lucky and blessed to have such friends in my life. This fun-filled celebration made my day. These moments gave me everlasting memories. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends, they are very special to me. All through the journey, we traveled in comfort and style.