Ghouls, ghosts and monsters of all kinds, you’re invited to the monster mash of the century. Everyone is going to be there, dancing about the graveyard and sipping on the finest witches brew, so put on your spookiest costume and join us!

With the sugar rush and vibrant colors of the season too comes the cozy weather perfect for reading. Today we’ve gathered a list of ten books ranging from young readers to middle-grade inspired by all the best monsters.

Starting strong comes the howl of the party Werewolves come in bearing teeth and ready to take a bite out of anyone who dares to cross them.

Beast and Beauty: Dangerous Tales

Author: Soman Cahinani
Grade Level: 5-9 (10-13 age)
CW: Depictions of Violence, Grief, Loss
Pages: 336
Type: Short Story Collection

Next wearing their best sheets comes ghosts. What better way to snuggle than to have the beautifully illustrated Ghost quilt by your side? For this we have two recommendations.

The Little Ghost Who Was A Quilt

Author: Riel Nason
Grade level: Preschool (3-7 age)
CW: Depression
Pages: 48
Type: Picture Book

Ghost Light

Author: Kenneth Oppel
Grade Level: 5-6 (10- 13 age)
CW: Stress, Death, Murder, Loss, Depictions of Violent Movelvant Spirits
Pages: 400
Type: Novel

As always we’re happy to introduce the ladies that began it all, the coven swoops in just in time to make our list.

Witches of Brooklyn: S’more Magic

Author: Sophie Escabasse
Grade Level: 3-7 (8-12 age)
CW: Depression
Pages: 240
Type: Graphic Novel

Double, Double, Twins and Trouble: Witches of Peculiar

Author: Luna Graves
Grade level: 2-5 (7- 10 age)
CW: None
Pages: 144
Type: Novel

We weren’t quite sure they were going to make it, when we’d received a raven that one of our favorite skeletons had lost their had, but here they come!

Skelentina and the In-Between World

Author: Suzie Jaramillo
Grade Level: Preschool (3-6 age)
CW: Grief, Depictions of the Afterlife
Pages: 32
Type: Picture Book

If we should be worried about anyone losing their head, it should be mister pumpkin himself, but he insists we are not to freight. With a freshly lit candle the headless horseman pulls his noble steed of death up next to the witches brooms. Just, please don’t eat them.

Raising The Horseman

Author: Serena Valentino
Grade Level: 7-12
CW: Gruesome Depictions, Fear
Pages: 304
Type: Novel

I don’t know likes to smile more, the werewolves or the vampires, always complement the count on his glowing fangs, it may be the difference between buying you dinner and becoming dinner.

Garlic And The Vampire

Author: Bree Paulsen
Grade Level: 3-7 (8-12 age)
CW: Fear, Self-doubt
Pages: 160
Type: Graphic Novel

The Vanquishers

Author: Kalynn Bayron
Grade Level: 3-7 (8-12 age)
CW: Depictions of Violence, Lying
Pages: 288
Type: Novel

Now we weren’t expecting anyone else tonight, so who could be at the door? It couldn’t be- How did they find us!? The Monster Hunters!

The Stars Did Wander Darkly

Author: Colin Meloy
Grade Level: 3-7 (8-12 age)
CW: Violence, Depictions of evil spirit, Grief
Pages: 336
Type: Novel

What a mash! Alls well when the hunters bring candy, am I right?

We hope you enjoyed this list and until next year we leave you with these pieces of advice: always read aloud to your ghosts, remember to eat plenty of garlic and never snuff out the horseman’s candle.

Happy Halloween!