The Holidays over, the cleaning begins

up of Christmas’s magic and New Year’s Eve sin.

Clean up the mess of food and new toys,

not all of them left by young girls and boys.

Taking a break, I sit and reflect

how I must remember to return that toy with defect.

Then I determine that one thing is cool,

the small girls and boys are finally now back in school.

Back to work put away a doll and a bear,

but wherever I look, glitter’s still there.

Night coming on, a busy day’s dusk,

I find that it is but for one thing I lust,

that my wallet and cards were’nt empty and bust.

All now is clean, the holidays done,

I know that January and February won’t be as fun

Then as I sit cold in the dark, drink a shot and a beer,

it is at that very moment my resolution comes clear,

to be someplace very much warmer by this time next year.