All of us admire animals and especially their wildlife; we follow them on TV channels, Facebook and even on the Instagram as well. The attraction towards animals is human nature, and therefore we always want to explore it on a wild safari.

The Wild Safari is one of the main attractions of the Africa and its tourism. Each year many people visit African countries to explore the wild safari experience and witness them in front of their eyes. However, we all must also know how the animals are traded in Africa to understand what things are making them different from us.

Positive Side of animal treatment in Africa:

Respect Animals:

There are many different spices of wild animals living in the jungles of Africa, but the primary cause of their survival is the respect by the Africa people. The African tribes which were created thousands of years ago have developed the approach of respecting animals as there were many around them. They have cope up to live with them long ago. The respect of animals not only helps the animals and humans to survive together over the extended period but also it helped them to maintain a distance while living together.

Most of the Africa is counted in the underdeveloped countries and don’t have much animal right protection NGOs, but still, the wild animals are respected and protected there.

Let them live in Wild:

There are few national parks which let you enjoy the wild safari but still, they believe in keeping the animals in the wild. As there is a good and developed natural habitat for the wild animals to live that is why they live freely in the wild jungles of Africa. The humans are well familiar with their wild nature, and rather than making them pets like the western countries, the Africa emphasize on their freedom.

Respect their territory:

Most of the wild animals declare their territory; it is a natural way of their living. Once this boundary is breached by the animals and humans, the animal’s condition becomes worst. That is why the people also follow the same animal rule and respect the territory they live in.

People do not cross their territory and live separately in villages, cities away from the jungle. This is the main reason of the flourishing animal species. They reproduce and maintain their family lives in the thick forest which is not interfered and controlled by the humans. In return, the animals also respect their territory too.

Never over hunt:

According to the African tribes, they never over hunt and store for coming years and months just like the most of the humans around the world. They believe in hunting and feeding on their hunts, but usually, men kill many small animals and sometimes one big animal which is powered by the entire tribe, village or multiple families. The distribution of food helps them to hunt less and able to reproduce as well.

The people usually depend on the crops, vegetable, fruits, chicken, goats, pigs and cows they keep for the cooking and eating purpose.

The dark side of animal Treatment in Africa:

Although the African tribes emphasize on the animal respect and fertility, due to fewer jobs, education, and resources many of them are engaging in wild animal business. There is a very vast and extensive wild animal parts and trade market which demands a good number of wild animal parts and their smuggling. That is why many groups is active to supply them the wild animals and their parts to fulfill the needs of the international market. These people do not need anything except to hunt them down and provide them in the global market that is why this business is getting very popular in the Africa.

Wild Animal parts:

There is a big list of wild animal parts in the international market for which these animals are hunted; sometimes their body parts are taken out when they are still alive.

Ivory of Elephants sold in hundreds of dollars in the international market which is used to make jewelry, souvenirs, and crockery.

The Rhinoceros horns are sold in the international market too which many times had done while the animal is still alive.

Skin of many wild animals is sold all over the world which includes crocodile, cheetah, leopard, tiger, lion and many others.

Illegal wild trafficking:

The animals are traffic all over the world from Africa which includes exotic birds, snakes, small and large animals, etc. all this is done under the animal smuggling channel which is active especially in Africa.

The animals are sold to the zoos, for keeping them a personal pet to selling them to the circus. All these animals suffer a lot while transportation and many die during this process. The animals smuggled also suffer from bad conditions and not proper care has been taken in the captivity.

Illegal hunting:

There are hundreds of people who visit Africa each year for tourism purpose, and many of them engage in the illegal hunting. There are many active groups which not only provide necessary facilities for fishing but also provide weapons to do so. Although the government has done much to stop them still the illegal fishing is done all over Africa as it is an easy way to earn for the locals.

Poor conditions of captivities Zoo:

As there are many national parks in Africa, there are many Zoos as well. These Zoos kept the animals in captivity, and the condition of these zoos are destitute. As there are limited resources, these animals develop diseases and problems which are not up to the international zoo standards. Once the animal dies of poor condition, it is fed to the other animals, and a new animal is caught from wild and replace it. This cycle continues for years that is why it is affecting the ecology of the animals and the reproduction of the wildlife animals as well.

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