Where else other than New Zealand? A botanist located within the Island country recently listed her variegated minima plant on the NZ website known as Trade Me for a reserve of $1. It ended up selling for NZ $8,150 (USD $5,300) after it sparked a bidding war between two very serious buyers.

This Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, which is also known as the philodendron minima, may have had a very rare look, but $5,300 USD is a lot of money for a houseplant. I imagine you’d have to treat that plant like a baby, or face tears when it dies and realize you could have bought the same plant for a few dollars.

Truth is, the reason this variation occurs so rarely in nature is because this aesthetic variation simply isn’t healthy for the plant.

Have you heard of any other houseplants being sold for a ridiculous amount of money?

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