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Although nowadays, most people who burn incense probably use a specialized incense holder to burn incense, we created this guide to help you think of innovative ways to use incense without an incense holder, in case you don’t have one available.

Hold the Incense Stick

It may sound obvious, or perhaps even simple, but holding your incense stick is an easy way to burn incense if you don’t have an incense burner or holder.

Be sure not to touch the lit portion of the incense stick.

Buddhist Monk Holding Incense Sticks

Buddhist Monk Holding Incense Sticks

An Urn or Vase

An urn or vase with sand or salt can make a great incense burner.

This is actually a common way to burn incense throughout the world, but it’s not as common in Western culture.

incense in an urn

Incense in an Urn

A Potted Plant

I can’t guarantee that your plants will like it, but a potted plant does make for a quick and easy DIY incense burner.

You can simply place the extended bamboo portion of the incense stick into the wet soil.

If you use this method, you should always be sure to keep an eye on the incense to avoid any risk of fires.

The Sink

Since most sinks are made from metal, they can be used to burn incense.

Simply place your incense stick in a safe way so that the lit portion hangs over the sink.

The ash then falls into the sink, so it makes for easy cleanup.

A Soda Can

If you have a soda can laying around, you can place the incense stick in the tab of the soda can.

A Rock

If you are out in nature, sometimes you can find a small rock with a long enough hole in it that you can place the incense stick inside and use it as an incense burner.

Remember to keep nature looking beautiful and don’t leave any waste behind.

Incense Safety

  • Always make sure your lit incense is kept away from any flammable materials, including sheets or curtains.
  • Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • Be sure not to touch the lit portion of the incense stick.
  • Incense should always be kept away from pets.