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How to Interpret Metaphysical Candle Flame Meanings

Sometimes it seems like every candle flame has a story to tell. While interpreting the metaphysical meaning of candle flames is not a topic typically on one’s mind, there are many reasons to be aware of this. Similar to tarot cards, candle flame meanings can provide insights into your thoughts or intentions. These practices and observations are quite common in mystical lore including those of witchcraft and similar doctrines.

This article is going to teach you how to interpret metaphysical candle flame meanings.

Candle Flame Meanings

  • If the candle decides to burn evenly.

If your candle is burning evenly that means every is just swell. This is believed to show that you needn’t worry, and everything should turn out just the way you planned. There is no need to look deeper, if this is the only movement the candle is providing. Stay true to your belief and intentions.

  • If the candle decides to have a tall flame.

A tall flame is viewed as a sign of strength and success. If your candle decides to show you a tall flame, it means your intention holds power and you should be able to see it through with minimal issues.

  • If the candle decides to have a small, yet steady flame

If your candle decides to have a small, yet steady flame, it means you shouldn’t give up. Strength comes to those who need it most. Please don’t give up what you love or desire due to insecurities or similar hindrances.

  • If the candle decides to have a small, yet weak flame.

The candle showing a small, yet weak flame is typically considered a negative symbol. Your intention might endure hardships and you may very well fail. It is also possible that your intention may produce bad results.

  • If the candle decides to be erratic in movement.

If your candle flame seems erratic in movement, it means that there is another energy flowing around in the same sector of the world as you. This could mean that your intention may be challenged by another individual or power.

  • If the candle decides to make popping sounds.

A candle making popping sounds is another sign of interference. This could mean that the path you are choosing may be difficult. You may want to consider another route, if there is one.

  • If the candle decides to extinguish it’s flame quickly.

If your candle decides to quickly extinguish it’s flame then that usually means your divination will not show any results. However, it could also mean that you have already achieved your intention, whether you know it or not.

  • If the candle flame refuses to be snuffed out.

If your candle refuses to be snuffed out, then you should keep watching it. The candle is trying to tell you that the observation and practice are not yet done. There is more yet to come, and if you decide not to finish watching it, then you may not find what you are looking for.

  • If the candle decides not to light.

If your candle decides not to light from a flame then the general consensus is that you are practicing at the wrong time, or perhaps are asking a question which has already been asked. The cosmic forces are not to be viewed as servants. Sometimes the candle refuses to offer it’s insight.

  • If the candle decides to make more smoke then usual.

If your candle decides to make more smoke then usual, this typically means that you need to relax. The things you want will come in due time and should just let things be how they are. There is no need to get worked up about change, because it is coming.

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