Although they share the same name, there are actually two different forms of May water.

May Day Dew

May Day Dew is dew which is gathered early in the morning on May Day.

May Day takes place on May 1st.

It was originally believed that rolling around in May Day Dew helped restore and maintain beauty.

People would also rub their hands on the wet plant and then rub it into their faces.

Sort of like an ancient skin toner.

May Rainwater

May rainwater comes from the first rainfall in May.

This is also thought to restore and maintain beauty.

It can also be used in enchantments.

How To Store May Water

It can be stored in the same way as other rainwater.

You can typically store May water until the next year, but be sure not to use it if any mold develops.

May Water Superstitions

One superstition about May water is that it can make hands more nimble, or dexterous.