Medicine Ball is a Starbucks tea that has recently become very popular among fans of this brand. Although several stores already have this tea on their menu, not all have it on display, as it’s a drink that was initially part of the secret menu.

That’s why today we’ll explain how to order a Medicine Ball Tea at Starbucks, so you can enjoy this pleasant drink by ordering it directly at a store or from the Starbucks app.

Why is Medicine Ball Tea so Popular?

As its name suggests, Medicine Ball Tea stands out for its ability to improve the health of those who consume it.

The best thing is that, although it’s considered a medicinal drink to some extent, its flavor isn’t like medicine.

On the contrary, it has a pleasant taste of peach, lemon, and honey.

How to Order a Medicine Ball Tea if it’s Not on the Menu?

In case it’s not on the menu, you should know its ingredients and ask for a personalized drink.

These ingredients are:

Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea

For starters, green tea, with its medicinal properties and slightly bitter taste, is the first ingredient to make this secret tea.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t like this kind of flavor, as the slightly bitter taste will be barely noticeable with the other ingredients we’ll add.

Peach Tranquility Tea

Also known as Peach Tranquility, this Peach tea gives a fruity flavor that is perfect for hiding the bitterness of the green tea. However, this becomes the dominant flavor of the drink, so if you don’t like peach, this drink may not be for you.

Lemon and Honey

Finally, the last two ingredients are lemon and honey, giving the Medicine tea ball the final sweet and citric touch.

The first time I ordered this tea, I forgot to add lemon and honey. I went home thinking that the Starbucks secret tea was secret precisely because it was so unpleasant no one ordered it. Later I realized that I was the one who ordered it wrong.

Honey Citrus Mint in the Starbucks App

Another much simpler way to order this tea is through the Starbucks app. However, Medicinal Ball Tea has a different official name there.

The name for this drink is Honey Citrus Mint, which went from being a custom drink only a few people knew about, and that was part of the secret menu, to finally being included in the main menu.


As this tea has become so popular on Instagram, some stores have integrated it into the store’s and app’s menus.

Whether you find it on the menu or not, you can always order it directly under the two names it is known by.

However, if it’s rare to order this tea in your local store, you’ll have to ask for a personalized drink, as we showed you above. That way, you’ll already have access to one of Starbucks’ best-kept secrets, perhaps not so well-kept.