Incense sticks and incense cones are quite similar in nature and most of us are quite familiar with all of these. However, a beginner, or somebody who does not know very much about incense may not know the subtle differences between the various forms.

Traditional Incense Sticks

These are both excellent styles of incense and burn quite well, but here at Reed’s Handmade Incense, we are quite partial to the incense stick. It is often much easier to incorporate resins and other ingredients into incense sticks then it is cones. For this reason, incense sticks often have a fuller scent. They burn longer then incense cones and many people find them easier to light due to their longer vertical shape.

Pressed Incense Cones

Incense cones have their pros and cons but are generally a pleasant experience in and of themselves. They often burn quicker then incense sticks due to a larger portion of then incense cone being lit at once, in comparison to the incense stick. This usually results in a stronger but shorter lasting fragrance. Another benefit of the incense cone is that it is easier to clean up because the ash it produces stays in the shape of a cone instead of falling off the end like an incense stick. Be sure to burn your incense cones on a heat resistant material. Due to the increased lit surface area, they often produce more heat then an incense stick.

We hope you found this information beneficial.