Today I am reviewing Seikado Tokusen Byakudan Houn incense sticks.

Seikado is a traditional incense manufacturer from Japan.

I received these in a sampler assortment of Seikado incense sticks, which is why I simply have one of these incense sticks in a tube, rather than the original packaging.

Main Ingredients: Sandalwood
Length: Approximately 6.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 35 minutes.
Company: Seikado


This is a beautiful sandalwood incense stick. I don’t believe there is much of anything else in here at all, other than sandalwood and binder. It smells very pure. Creamy. Buttery. Sweet. Woody. It has a bit of that sandalwood top note which is often lacking in lower-priced sandalwood incense sticks. It’s sandalwood heaven.

These are lovely. There is nothing wrong with this sandalwood formulation at all. Unfortunately, for a sandalwood-based incense stick, it does cost a pretty penny. I have burned slightly cheaper varieties which have smelled about as good, but this is a very accurate representation of a quality sandalwood incense stick.

Have you tried Seikado Tokusen Byakudan Houn incense sticks?

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