River Acheron in Parga, Epirus Thesprotia, and Preveza’s border, near the towns of Kanalaki and Glyki, is home to the outstandingly beautiful springs of the Acheron River. The springs of Acheron are famous throughout the world for their legendary elements, in addition to their natural beauty. Acheron was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld in the mythology of the ancient Greeks.

The Acheron River is situated 25 km (15.5 miles) from Parga in a stunning environment with lush flora and crystal-clear waters that make up an exceptional natural setting. There are lakes and water pits in several areas of the river where the water flow is regular, providing the perfect habitat for a variety of fish and amphibians. In other places, the river rages amidst towering, precipitous rocks that are sharp and jagged. Many raptors that nest on the canyon’s forested slopes may be found on the rocky side slopes of Acheron.

Greek mythology has made the Acheron River well-known. Zeus, who was horrified when the Titans drank from the river, is said to have cursed the river to run forever beneath the ground when its water darkened. One of the five rivers of the Greek underworld, the legendary river was referred to as the river of misery. Here, Hermes, the psycho-pomp sent the dead’s souls to the ominous and fearsome Charon, who would carry them to the Underworld from Earth. Its name, which means the river of sadness, is likely derived from the Greek word achos, which implies grief.

Acheron River is a terrific short excursion because of its stunningly clear water and rocky surroundings. Since it is one of Parga’s least visited locations, it has maintained its pristine natural beauty and mysterious atmosphere. It originates in the Souli Epirus mountains and travels a great distance before arriving at Ammoudia beach on the Ionian Sea.

There is a forest with plants growing in the water that is only a few miles from the sea and has an almost alien appearance due to its peculiar shapes. After passing through the woodland, you will find the river’s bank and the impressive Roman bridge, a great spot for a picnic. Acheron is without a doubt a beautiful place with white rocks that reflect in the emerald-green lake. The Natura 2000 Network now recognizes the Acheron River as an ecosystem and a protected area.

Acheron Springs is a well-kept secret. A location with exceptional natural beauty that draws tourists from all around the world. A multitude of organized activities, including rafting, kayaking, gorge-crossing, boating, archery, and horseback riding, are available at this location for both young and senior visitors. The river’s pure, light-blue water cuts through canyons and forms pools and shelters. The river continues unabated on its everlasting trip towards the sea and pours into the Ionian Sea in the region of Ammoudia, creating scenes of absolute serenity and exceptional natural beauty along the way.

Blue waters and palm trees touch the water in a setting where myth and history have been blended. It is a lovely location, with exceptional beauty. A river that charms you with its beauty from the minute you arrive and contains tales and myths in its waters. The so-called antechamber of the Underworld has an eerie aura. The spirits made their last voyage there, according to mythology. However, it is now a singular natural attraction that you may visit to learn more about one of Greece’s most stunning locations.