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India is one of the most prominent incense manufacturing countries and although much of it is burned within the country, they export quite a bit as well.

We hope this article helps newcomers to incense help pick a product which suits them.

Below we are going to list some of the most popular and best Indian incense sticks available in the USA market.

Hem – 7 Chakra

Hem is a mass producer of incense sticks. Although they are a big company and most of their products are of a dipped charcoal variety, they have a reputation for consistency. Additionally, many people love their pricing, as they are often much cheaper then a traditional masala styled incense stick. Hem’s 7 Chakra incense sticks are formulated to stimulate all 7 chakras and provide sincere aromas. This line is popular due to the fact that you receive 7 different scents per pack.

Anand – Flora Fluxo

Anand is known for several exotic blends including Flora Fluxo and Sri Sai Flora. Their incense sticks are of a distinct Indian style and tend to be thicker then competing model lines. They put off a strong aroma pleasurable aroma but they may not be well suited to an inexperienced nose. Flora Fluxo has a distinct floral bouquet with warm vanilla and camphor undertones.

SAC – Atma Darshan Flora

SAC makes quite a large variety of incense sticks. Although most of their line are of a cheaper fragrance dipped charcoal variety, they do make some quality masala sticks as well. Atma Darshan is one of those few. Sac’s Atma Darshan sports a balanced floral and sandalwood aroma. This is one of SAC’s more popular varieties.

Nandi – Divine Flora

Nandi’s Divine Flora is a very popular Indian incense stick. Divine Flora represents durbar styled incense sticks quite well. The aroma holds a characteristic sweet floral scent with classic Indian spice overtones. You may smell hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey behind the field of sweet flowers.

Goloka – Nag Champa

Since nag champa is such an iconic fragrance, almost every incense manufacturer produces their own version of it. In that regard, Goloka’s Nag Champa is no different, however, the scent itself is a classic nag champa, very much unlike much of the modern renditions. Goloka seems to still be incorporating a decent percentage of halmaddi into their incense sticks, which is a traditional ingredient manufacturers such as Satya have began reducing in order to meet demands.

Mysore – Sandalwood

Mysore Sandalwood Incense Sticks are made by Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL). This company produces quite a lot of products which incorporate their signature sandalwood fragrance. This company is sponsored by the Indian Karnataka government and is a reliable producer of quality products.

Nag Champa Flora

Nag Champa Flora Agarbatti Incense Sticks take a unique approach to creating a classical nag champa incense stick. They crafted a nag champa incense stick and added Indian wildflowers into the mix. This produces a sweeter, more floral incense stick, although they are not light on the sandalwood base either.