Talbott Teas is a luxury tea brand that has captivated tea enthusiasts with its delicious blends and unique packaging.

Founded in 2003 by Shane Talbott and Steve Nakisher, Talbott Teas has come a long way from its humble beginnings in their home kitchen.

Today, Talbott Teas is a thriving business with a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality and innovation.

The Early Days

Shane Talbott and Steve Nakisher were both successful businessmen in their respective fields. Shane was a renowned personal trainer, while Steve was a seasoned executive in the food industry. However, they shared a passion for tea, and in 2003, they decided to start a tea company together.

The two men started by experimenting with different tea blends in their home kitchen. They would mix and match different herbs, spices, and fruits until they found the perfect combination. After months of trial and error, they finally created a range of delicious and unique tea blends.

The Birth of Talbott Teas

Shane Talbott’s journey into the world of tea began at a downtown saloon and spa, where he worked as Oprah Winfrey’s hair colorist. While working there, he started selling his homemade tea blends to customers. This led him to team up with Steven Nakisher to open a tea bar, which ultimately led to the launch of Talbott Teas in 2003.

The brand gained significant visibility when Oprah Winfrey promoted it on her platform, as she was a big fan of the product. This exposure led to Talbott Teas receiving orders from major retailers such as Dillards and QVC. However, despite the success, the company struggled to secure sufficient funds to pursue their goals.

The Success of Talbott Teas

Undeterred by the lack of funding, the founders of Talbott Teas decided to take their business to the next level by applying to appear on the popular TV show, Shark Tank. To their delight, they were selected to pitch their business idea, which they dubbed the “cup of couture.”

Their pitch caught the attention of the investors, as they had managed to grow their sales from $100,000 to $500,000 in just three years, with an impressive profit margin of 50%.

One of the investors, Kevin O’Leary, was particularly impressed with the chocolate almond allure tea, and he saw great potential in the company. He helped the duo secure a deal with Jamba Juice, with Shane Talbott being offered the position of Vice President of Innovation, while Steven Nakisher remained a board member.

Despite the acquisition, Talbott Teas remained a stand-alone brand, with its unique blends still being sold under the Talbott Teas label. This deal marked a major turning point for the company, as it gave them access to a wider audience and increased their distribution channels.

Over the years, Talbott Teas has continued to innovate and expand its offerings.