Steak is a commodity cherished throughout the world. Most of are happy enough to receive any cut at all, but if you are one of world’s elite, then perhaps you might have the opportunity to try one of these famous steaks!

This video mentions the following steaks:

  • Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye
  • Wagyu Tomahawk
  • Wagyu No Sumibiyaki
  • Wagyu Rib Eye
  • Wagyu Kobe Steak
  • Wagyu Sirloin
  • Select Special Kobe Filet
  • Charbroiled Kobe Filet
  • Full-blood Wagyu Tenderloin
  • A5 Kobe Strip Steak

Well, that’s the list for the top 10 most expensive steaks in the world.

Hope you enjoyed the video!