When you visit the Netherlands, there are plenty of things to see and do. Another great thing about a trip to the Netherlands is all of the food you can try! There are many unique foods you can find in pretty much every city in the country. Here are some unique foods in the Netherlands that you really have to try!


Bitterballen can be found in pretty much every bar and pub in the Netherlands and they are especially popular during parties! They are deep-fried meatballs that go great with a night of drinking some beers. You can also dip them in mustard for an even better flavor!


We all know the Belgian waffles of course, but did you the Netherlands actually has its own spin on it? You can find stroopwafels in every supermarket here and they are really thin, flat waffels with sugar syrup between them. You can also dip them into your coffee and many cafés serve them with their hot drinks as well.


Stamppot is a dish that’s mostly popular during the winter. It’s made from potatoes and the vegetables of the season. These are all mashed together and cooked. The dish is often served with sausage as well, but this isn’t obliged of course. If you want to get a nice meal during the cold winter, you should definitely try this one!


If you like sweet desserts, this one is perfect for you. Tompoes is a kind of pastry made from 2 puff pastry with cream between them. The top puff pastry is then filled with pink icing. You can get these everywhere in bakeries and supermarkets in the Netherlands and they are often served on birthdays or for with the tea or coffee.


Poffertjes are truly amazing! They are small and round and look a lot like small pancakes. The poffertjes are made from yeast and buckwheat flower, after which they are baked in a pan. Usually they serve this delicious treat with some butter and powdered sugar on top, but you can often find them with whipped cream or strawberries as well.


If you love soup, you should really try their erwtensoup when you visit the Netherlands. This soup is make from split peas, carrots, pork, celery and leeks and it’s thicker than normal soup. It’s great for in the winter and often served with a kind of smoked sausage called rookworst as well.